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Calling Tree is a free durational performance cycle of music, movement, and messages on an extraordinary stage, created by Rosemary Lee and Simon Whitehead. It was first performed in an iconic oak tree in Betws-y-coed in Wales, in 2014 as part of Migrations. Now it is due to take place, as part of LIFT Festival 2016, in a magnificent ancient oak tree in a park in Tottenham. This tree is a 500 year old symbol of permanence that dominates a corner in this forever-changing pocket of the city. Throughout the day performers inhabit the tree canopy. Bird-like calls and songs beckon knowing audiences and unwitting passers-by alike, enticing them to stop, look up, contemplate and enjoy. As the performers continually appear and disappear, fluctuating between restful perching to passionate vocal and physical activity, their calls and songs resonate out from the tree.

Designed to encourage us to look upwards, to consider our position on the Earth, Calling Tree is a gentle yet powerful act of reclamation and activism.

When created in preview mode for Wales, Rosemary and Simon intended to develop it for urban contexts, adding new songs, texts and contributions from composers & musicians, local artists and thinkers in each new location.

You will be able to see, or rather hear, or experience it, from 30 June to 2 July 2016 in Bruce Castle Park, Tottenham.


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