I’ve just received an invitation to the launch of the Listening Forest. This is a book of stories, poems and woodcuts by Sophie Herxheimer, gathered and created during her residency with Fermynwoods Contemporary Art. This is a contemporary art project in a wood near Corby, Northamptonshire. Sophie has been staying in a small house, alone in the woods, but also meeting people, collecting stories and making ink drawings, papercuts and prints. Her book has six sections: path, undergrowth, shrub layer, canopy, clearing, floor.

She says that she’s a bit out of her comfort zone outdoors in woods, and also working with poetry. The invitation to the launch event on May 2nd is open to all interested. Sophie says “We’ll be in a woodland clearing in the middle of town, just up from the boating lake, Cottingham Road, NN17 2UN, 4- 6PM – with drawings in the trees, music and forest refreshments. I’ll be reading poems from the book, and other poets from the area will also be performing work on the theme. If you know a great woodland poem, or have written one, bring it along to share.”

There will also be a London launch at the Bookart Bookshop in Hoxton on June 18th, and more readings planned.


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