Patrick Farmer and Sarah Hughes are showing a new work supported by Forest Art Works during Lakes Ignite, a programme celebrating arts and culture in the Lake District between 6th – 26th May.

We Find The body Difficult to Speak comprises a series of text scores that form the basis of sound, video and performance works – all of which have been produced during residencies at Grizedale Forest during 2014 and 2015. The new work builds on the recently published Yew Grotesque by Patrick Farmer. The book is a text based engagement with listening, written in response to walking at Grizedale Forest and residing in the wooden cabin on the fringe of the forest.

The work directly references the Fluxus art movement that emerged in 1960 through the work of John Cage, George Brecht and Yoko Ono.

These artists questioned the limits of composition and influenced many movements connected with minimalism and conceptual art by expanding ideas around authorship and participation, as well as exploring the boundaries of artistic disciplines.

Since 2008 Farmer and Hughes have curated Compost and Height, an online platform for contemporary music and its associated disciplines, including writing, sculpture and field recording. Both artists have performed and exhibited internationally, including the John Cage Centenary Celebration at the BBC Proms 2012. They co-edit Wolf Notes, a journal that reflects on current music practices, and have independent practices that explore sculpture, writing, sound and composition. Sarah Hughes is the current Composer in Residence at South London Gallery.


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