A new exhibition opens soon at the ONCA Gallery in Brighton, very in keeping with Beuysterous spirit.

100 Artworks. 100 trees. 100 hours to make a difference.

With trees rapidly disappearing, what role can artists play in their survival? This summer, ONCA will create two forests, an artistic forest in the gallery and a living one outside.

19th June – 6th July 2014 (It opens midday 19 June for 100 hours)

The exhibition is guest curated by Dan Howard-Birt Curator of artistic programmes at Stour Valley Arts, selecting 100 works by adult and young artists.

In association with Earth Restoration Service they also aim to plant 100 trees along London Road in Brighton, to root a creatively inspired landscape in the local area.

In order to do this, they need to raise £100 per tree. ONCA need your help:

    • You could sponsor a tree, whether as a business, school, local inhabitant or friend.
    • You could buy one of the artworks, each of which will be priced at £100. (£50 for the artist, £50 for a tree).

Each tree can represent a partnership between an artist, the person buying an artwork and a local contributor, a tree-o of guardians helping to restore environmental degradation through art.

Please contact info@onca.org.uk for more.

A tree-planting ceremony with Caroline Lucas and performance will take place on 21st June (the solstice)



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