Can we enter a forest through animal eyes? Can we value a woodland through paws, claws, fur and feathers? From a wild perspective what does flooding and burning, felling and falling mean?

This is the open call to visual artists, poets and performers from the ONCA Gallery, this exhibition is an opportunity to become animal and reconceive our changing woodland habitats.

The ONCA Gallery in Brighton runs exhibitions centred around current environmental themes.  These exhibitions are tied to specific conservation projects. They hope to offer ideas and ways for both artist and viewer to think about our relationship with the changing world. ONCA stands for One Network for Conservation and the Arts, and has just successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign building its group of supporters and members.

They take 50% commission on works sold, which goes to the ONCA Trust for conservation work and storytelling/education events. For more details on how to send submissions see this link.

You can be involved in their exhibitions in two ways:

1. ONCA set a brief for each exhibition, as for the upcoming exhibition call above, and this brief is open to interpretation and exploration.

2. If you have ideas about possible future exhibitions (they must have an environmental theme and have the potential to link to conservation projects) they would welcome your input.  Please send proposals to info@onca.org.uk – subject heading EXHIBITION PROPOSAL.



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