Three weeks ago our massive crack willow tree had to be chopped severely as it had seeded itself too close to the neighbour’s house, so, also thinking about the many trees downed or damaged in the winter storms and floods, I created an installation called Memorial for Lost Trees. It is installed in the treehouse at the base of the willow. Visitors to our Open Studios (during Telegraph Hill Festival) could climb and sit on a stump stool (created from the willow) and contemplate a ghost tree and many small ceramic figures representing ghosts of all the diverse creatures that live in, because of or around trees. I also wrote this poem about ghost trees.

If ghosts are you think      if trees mean or matter

There are ghost trees       more than there are of us

If us is separate that is      from air rain soil life

That trees factor                 with birds flies seeds roots

Wrapped with fungal         strands and bulbing in the dark

Alchemic vessels               elements sapped up into

Terpens released               to seed rain to water seeds

For more trees                     more life more years

If they matter                         gone there are ghosts

Gone with violence             gone for money

Felled by fire or wind          sap still flowing

So will they haunt us?        just by their going

They will                               they will.



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