On May 24th I’ll be going on a coach trip for the launch of Forest Symphonies, in Thetford Forest. In part I’m keen to go because although I’ve lived in Norfolk for 18 of my years and visit it every month, often being driven through Thetford Forest, and despite loving forests, I have never stopped to explore it. It’s often the way that you overlook places on your doorstep because you think there will always be time. I’m looking forward to taking time to listen deeply to the forest.

Living Symphonies portrays the thriving activity of the forest’s wildlife, plants and atmospheric conditions. Each animal, plant and tree is linked to a unique set of musical instrumentation and motif so together they draw attention to the complex interactions in a forest ecosystem. It’s an ever-changing symphony that you hear in the forest, composed and created by James Bulley and Daniel Jones, It opens in Thetford in May, then will be installed in three more of England’s forests (until the end of August 2014.

The image shows the artists and the whole project team, including Sound & Music, and Forest Artworks, the arts programme of the Forestry Commission.

My intention is to write a poem in response to the work. (I’ve been posting less on Beuysterous this year, partly because I’ve been doing more creative work including writing poems and songs.)



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