Treeage is triage, emergency treatment for trees and forests and the start of an age of caring for trees and forests. It is a week of mass creative actions during National Tree Week, 23 November – 1 December 2013.

Treeage is three levels of remedial action: A&E, Funeral and Maternity

You could choose to do any or all of these levels, and the following ideas are just suggestions.

A&E: Emergency actions for struggling and diseased trees

These actions can be both practical and artistic. Combine a celebration with music, poetry, stories or making art, and include a pledge to continue caring for the trees.

Actions might include:

  • Watering a dry tree: Buy or make a tree watering system, or special watering can, and inaugurate its use in a significant way. See here for some ideas.
  • Protecting a vulnerable tree: Hold a walk or gathering where you mulch soil around trees, or create and provide shields or supports for weak trees
  • Health check: Walk round trees in a local street, park or wood for signs of disease. Use creative ways to record and map what you find. You could use the Ashtag App or find others way you can collect disease data. Dee Heddon is going to run a Tree Walk with a Walking Library on her back, reading to commemorate the history and spirit of her area of Glasgow through its trees.

Funeral: Remembrance of lost trees, forests and species

Join in the International Day of Remembrance for Lost Species on 30th November.

Of course, remembering trees that are dead and gone is not medicine for the trees, but remembrance is about healing ourselves in a deforesting planet.

Actions might include:

  • Commemorate: Visit and mark the site of a forest now lost, perhaps which has contributed to extinction of particular wildlife species. Create an artwork to leave there.
  • Naming: Describe and honour trees lost to disease en masse, such as the Elm and the Ash. Share poems or songs or stories about them.
  • Celebrate: Dress or mark the remains of a tree you loved that has recently died or been chopped down.

Maternity: Pledging to plant and nurture new trees

Planting trees is one of the most important things you can do in this world. Baby trees need lots of looking after. They need other trees around them, feeding with good soil and water, wrapping in mulch and shields and maybe later a bit of gentle discipline.

  • Planting: Plant a sapling or more and welcome it to the world in a creative way. (Follow this advice from the National Tree Council on organising planting.)
  • Dedication: Honour a new tree for someone you love or miss or who is a model in caring for nature
  • Donation: If you fund a good tree planting charity you can be more certain new trees will be well cared for. Here are lots of suggestions. In particular, we recommend Trees for Life.

To share your plans and activities, you can choose to:

  • sign up to the Facebook event for Treeage week, and/or the event page for Remembrance Day for Lost Species on 30th November
  • join the Treeage Flickr group to post photos
  • use the Twitter hashtag #treeage
  • Use the National Tree Week posters and post an event on their event map

This is a joint idea devised by Beuysterous (Bridget McKenzie) and Feral Theatre (especially Persephone Pearl, pictured here performing her piece, Tree Story).


Feel free to spread the word by using any of the text above, by creating your own mailings, webpages or event pages, but please link to this page to show the origin and use the National Tree Week logo if you can.

Lastly, here’s a summary of why trees matter, of why we need Treeage.

This is the last in the Beuysterous year of creative actions so please make something of it with us! Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Time for Treeage

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  3. hello
    I’m from Iceland and I really like to grow up trees from seeds.
    I’m very interested in try new trees here in Iceland, if you know someone that has similar interests or could pick some seeds to send me, I would very much like to get in contact with them.
    best regards

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