This summer we’re asking you to carry out a creative challenge for trees, to help raise funds for a tree charity.

I’ve set myself a challenge to raise funds for Trees for Life. I’m making a walk every day, seeking out a new tree that I find distinctive or intriguing. I may find some that are only 10 or 15 minutes away, but as the summer progresses, the challenge will increase. I will be making some trips, to Scotland, Hampshire and Suffolk so my range will open up then, but I’ll have to start finding some new walks around my own home.

I’ll share three photos of each tree here on Flickr. If you’re interested to do a similar challenge, it doesn’t have to be photography, it could be a rubbing, a hugging, a sitting, a climbing, some words on a label, a collection of a seed, planting of a seed bomb at a tree roots, a drawing, anything creative that you might like to try on a regular walk (or cycle, or run…) to see trees. Or you might go on a long journey, rather than regular ones.

Personally, I want to get better at photographing trees, and to set myself a challenge to walk everyday. But above all, I want to inspire people to donate to a tree charity I really admire.

86,400 acres of forest are destroyed every day, and the extremity of climate change is speeding that up. We can’t survive without forests. Trees for Life are restoring the Caledonian forest in Scotland, in ways that are wild and biodiverse, not as plantations for profit. I deeply believe in their work and am excited to be going on a course in September, led by the charity’s founder Alan Watson Featherstone. This will be about getting close to nature, looking at the lichens, fungi and insects that live symbiotically around trees. This learning will be combined with some conservation work. This is heavily subsidised by the charity, hence my desire to contribute by fundraising.

If you want to do a similar challenge, you can use a service such as Just Giving to set up a fundraising page. You could raise funds for Trees for Life, or choose another charity such as Trees for Cities, the Woodland Trust or Rainforest Action Network. Here’s a Google doc with a fuller list and useful links. Do tell us about others. Sign up to the Facebook event page here.

Or, if you prefer, you could just sponsor me!


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