Here is news of lots of tree or forest artist projects coming up:

Amy Cutler has curated an exhibition called ‘Time, the Deer is in the wood of Hallaig‘, opens 6 June at the Belfry Art Gallery, St John, Bethnal Green. It explores forest memory (trauma and nostalgia) through works that use text, photos and wood specimens. There are lots of artists and contributors. See the list at the end of this post.

Giants in the Forest involves lots of giant heads woven from willow and suchlike, installed in trees and forests in Scotland, and also in Wales and Devon. This will culminate in nighttime events (walks, with stories and happenings in these locations) called Dark Wood, from September to November.  This festival is organised by Vision Mechanics.

More performance and enchantment, the Arbonauts are putting on a repeat of Biped’s Monitor. Nunhead Cemetery will be transformed into a utopia called Arboria, with installations hanging from trees and in the roofless chapel. Dates 1st to 5th June.

Artist Steve Messam tweeted that he had funding for a major commission involving 14 artists in a Swedish forest, which would be happening in September. No details on his list of projects yet, but keep an eye out. He said he’d be selecting the artists himself so it’s not a commission call.

There is a call out from the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew for artists to submit proposals for the Kew Festival in 2014. They are particularly keen for proposals that explore celebrate the remarkable chemical factories that are plants and fungi.

The deadline for proposals for the Jerwood Open Forest is on 28 May.

Artist Helen Hockin is going to be exhibiting work at the Ashdown Forest Centre in June 2013. It promises to be a new body of work, based on her explorations of ancient cultures and migrations.

Lots more recent artworks and installations in forests are pinned on the Beuysterous board on Pinterest.

Artists included in Amy Cutler’s show are: Alec Finlay, Peter Larkin, herman de vries, Jeff Hilson, Colin Sackett, Gerry Loose, Justin Hopper, Carol Watts, Camilla Nelson, Anthony Barnett, Edmund Hardy, Una Hamilton Helle, Katsutoshi Yuasa, Richard Skelton, Autumn Richardson, Julian Konczak, Bryan Nash Gill, Amy Cutler, Tom Noonan, Chris Drury, Paul van Dijk, Frances Hatherley, David Chatton Barker, James Aldridge, Chris Paul Daniels, Frances Presley, Stefka Mueller, Gail Ritchie, Christina White, Paul Gough, Morven Gregor, Perdita Phillips, Amy Todman, Peter Jaeger, Zoe Hope, Zoë Skoulding, Peter Foolen, Phil Smith / Mythogeography, Cees de Boer, Carlea Holl-Jensen, Tony Lopez, Will Montgomery, Michael Hampton, Kate Morrell, Ben Borek, Natalia Janota, John Webb, Sung Hee Jin, Martin Bridge, Nicholas Branch, Mike Baillie, Mark Nesbitt.

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