Jerwood Open Forest is an exceptional new opportunity to make proposals for a major £30,000 commission. Jerwood Visual Arts and Forestry Commission England open up England’s Public Forest Estate to visual artists. There is no brief. The forests are open for your ideas. This is a call for bold, broad–thinking proposals that explore the potential of forests as sites for art. Proposals can be for work in any discipline or medium, temporary or permanent, site-specific or for touring to more than one location. This project aims to facilitate new interactions between artists and forests and will open up new art experiences to a wide public audience. It aims to lead a national conversation about how contemporary visual artists engage with the environment today.

The selection panel will include leading practitioners and project partners:
Michaela Crimmin Co-founder, Culture+Conflict
Tania Kovats Artist
Shonagh Manson Director, Jerwood Charitable Foundation
Hayley Skipper Curator of Arts Development, Forestry Commission England

From initial ideas submitted, five artists will be selected to receive a £2,000 Research and Development fee to develop their proposals over a six-month period. Each artist will be fully supported by Jerwood Visual Arts and Forestry Commission England to expand on the concept, assess the viability of the idea and explore potential sites through this phase. This research process will culminate in a curated exhibition at JVA at Jerwood Space which will present the artists’ work and explore broader contemporary debates around critical practice and art in the public realm and the environment. During the exhibition one artist will be selected to receive a £30,000 commissioning budget to realise their proposal.

For more information http://www.jerwoodvisualarts.org/jerwood-open-forest 


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