Just opened at the Sainsbury Centre on the UEA campus in Norwich is Beuys’ Acorns. In 2007, Ackroyd & Harvey collected and germinated hundreds of acorns from Joseph Beuys’s seminal artwork 7000 Oaks and to date have about 250 surviving saplings. In its first phase their artwork is a long-term research project aiming to generate discussion and reflection on scientific, political and creative economies and the cultural and environmental significance of trees. It’s part of an exhibition called No Horizon, that also includes Ackroyd & Harvey’s work, Stranded, which emerged from their trip to the Arctic with Cape Farewell. 

There will also be some events, for example:

Considering Landscapes is a day on 22 March (free but booking essential) to join artists Ackroyd & Harvey, Mike Hulme, Professor of Climate Change, UEA and John Burton, CEO World Land Trust, Tom Williamson, Director of UEA Landscape Group and Benedict Binns of Adapt, to discuss issues arising from Beuys’ Acorns.

Watch out for more events to be announced for June.

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