Couple Carving a Heart into a Tree

February 11th to 18th is Tree Love Week. All around Valentine’s Day, why not express your appreciation of a tree (or several).

Saint Valentine was a rebel against conformity – he believed in love, so he performed weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. Be a rebel by being Beuysterous. Show your love of trees, as they provide habitats for so many creatures…and so many other things. Chaucer popularised Valentine’s day with the Parlement of Foules, the love between mating birds. A lot of that love takes place in trees, of course.

What can you do for Tree Love Week? Write an ode onto a label or make sashes with hearts, or a waterproof card, and put them onto your beloved tree. Or you could plant flowers in a tree pit. Or provide a nest for some nesting love birds.

What about making a portrait of yourself or someone else by/with/in/up/around a tree that you love? Maybe you’re brave enough to make a public declaration of love? Give the tree a ring?

Whatever the tree inspires you to do.

Please share your Tree Love:

Use the hashtag #treelove if you’re sharing your tree love on Twitter. Or post on the event page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/199492010197466/  where there are loads of ideas already. Or just leave a comment below.

The idea for this week comes from Persephone Pearl of Feral Theatre, for which many thanks. Lots of organisations, including the Woodland Trust, Trees for Life and the Forestry Commission have expressed support.

Finally, the band Mr Love & Justice have offered this soundtrack called Trees for anyone who wants to make a video or visual accompaniment. https://soundcloud.com/mlj2008/trees


8 thoughts on “February, Tree Love Week

  1. Reblogged this on Woodland Matters and commented:
    We just had to share this blog with you. Showing your appreciation for trees is a fantastic way to celebrate this season of love, and the blog gives you ideas of what you can do – trees love hugs too. And if you feel like getting involved, why not email us a photo of your tree love, or a copy of your poem, etc., to british-trees@woodlandtrust.org.uk. We will then post some of the best on the Woodland Matters blog.

  2. Oh I love trees, this is a brilliant idea. I will think of some ways to love the trees near me (although my favourite tree is behind a big wall in someone else’s garden – maybe I’ll post them a letter)

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